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Home Portable Six-head Cervical Massager

Home Portable Six-head Cervical Massager

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The Six-head cervical spine massager is a portable device that is mostly use for nursing neck physiotherapy. The Six-head cervical spine massager has multifunctional settings, such as the hot compress mode, patting, massage, acupressure, and also kneading. This device reduces neck pain, fatigue, muscle tension, and promote blood circulation as it warms and penetrates the neck muscle areas. 

* Note: Neck area or massaging area must be moistened for device to work

Power supply mode: USB
Control method: mechanical
Applicable parts: neck
Massage techniques: patting, massage, acupressure, kneading
Massage contacts: 3
Color: white, pink, blue, red

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Cervical Massager*1

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